MOYA is the brand name of the jewelry designed and crafted by goldsmith Eline van der Laag. Most of her designs have technical inventions, jewelry with rolling pearls, rotating diamonds or hidden messages in the best quality of precious materials and all very wearable.

“I like to invent. One of my first designs I’ve made during my study: a Tuning Fork bracelet, an aluminum bracelet which can make a A440 Hz sound when you hit the bracelet to the a wall or a table. I’ve made one especially for Stevie Wonder. He was pleasantly surprised and said that he never had seen a Tuning Fork bracelet before.

Later in 2002, when I started MOYA, I had to make my own collection, make my own signature. I’ve always liked surprises in design, multifunctional elements and technical solutions. I was wondering if I could let a pearl roll in a ring and so I’ve made a golden oyster, a more luxurious home for the pearl then its original shell and let the pearl roll nicely. Nowadays this Oyster collection is one of my trademarks.

How can I let diamonds turn around your finger? That’s the Carouselring, diamonds swing from top to bottom when you wave your hand. Can I turn a ring inside out and change it from white to yellow gold? That’s the Inside Out ring, you can choose the mood of your ring: white, yellow or red gold, with or without diamonds.

For me it is important that a piece of jewelry is wearable and that proportions are correct so you can wear it with pleasure.

For fun I play the Chromatic Harmonica, I’ve invented a silver mouthpiece for the Chromatic Harmonica, so you can blow octaves easier, the sound will be more like a bandoneon. I made this mouth piece for my hero Toots Thielemans. He said that this was a very clever idea and he said he never seen something like this before.

I hope my jewelry will do the same to you, that you will be pleasantly surprised and that you”ll find jewelry here that you have never seen before.”

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