MOYA Sheet bracelet silver

MOYA @ lost and found 2021

Yesterday I wrote a message in the Facebook group “Amsterdam dare to ask…” “A good customer of mine lost her bracelet three weeks ago, at the paper bin on the Noordermarkt. She took off her glove to press the paper, but then her bracelet probably slipped or ended up next to the paper bin. Now she has already bought a new bracelet, but I would love it if I could give her back her own bracelet. Did someone find this bracelet by chance? For the honest finder, who might prefer to keep the bracelet for themselves, there is a new bracelet ready. ”

And four hours later Maaike responded: “YES! Found it! Just send me a PM and we will arrange for the bracelet to be returned to the owner.

” UPDATE: Beautiful Amsterdam! Maaike responded that the bracelet was in their shop in the Westerstraat, brought by a passerby who had found the bracelet in the street. And so my client was reunited this morning with her precious bracelet. Maaike, how great that you have saved the bracelet and responded, my thanks are very big! What a good story <3!


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