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MOYA @ an admirer 2020

Recently a Chinese young man came to my gallery. He had read a blog about my work on the Chinese version of Facebook. He wanted to bring something special for his girlfriend in China, as a memory of his year in the Netherlands, where he studied for a year at the TU in Delft. His English was passable, but he had written something beforehand to explain what he felt when he saw my work and showed me the following. I think it is very special, straight from the heart and it touches the essence and the power of jewelry. Thank you, Mr. Wang!

Translated into English:

“Forgive me for being so straightforward, but my compliments are sincere. I am really deeply moved by this pearl. It is so special, vibrant and elegant. When I look at it I see vitality. It’s like I can see how the pearl has come to life in its shell. Pearls smooth themselves by rolling around in their shell. The shell molds sand and gravel until after thousands of years a beautiful pearl is formed, but as soon as someone takes out that precious pearl, the simple shell is worthless. As a designer, you combine the “valuable” with the “worthless”: you place the pearl back in the shell and let it roll again. This is how life should be – dynamic. The shell is actually the mother of the pearl. The Chinese saying “a son never thinks his mother is ugly” is appropriate here, but maybe not … Most people would rather buy diamonds than pearls because they think a diamond is a symbol of love. I will undoubtedly buy a diamond ring for my future wife later on, but I don’t think that’s so special at all. To me, that’s like waking up every day and opening my eyes – the most natural thing in the world. A beautiful stone attached to a frame, that’s nothing compared to the beauty of this pearl. I’m not sure if my girlfriend will be happy with this dynamic pearl, but I’m going to tell her what I feel when I see the pearl. I’ve been looking for a meaningful souvenir for my girlfriend for a long time. If I can give her this pearl, then my trip to the Netherlands would not have been in vain. I have been in the Netherlands for a year, but due to the corona virus I have barely been able to visit nice places. My girlfriend’s plan to come and visit me this summer was also canceled. I thought that was a shame. I’m going back to China for Christmas, and I hope that this gift – which symbolizes the wisdom of Dutch artists – can bring some comfort to my friend and make up for my grief. ”

Here you can find the blog:


“请原谅我直白的赞美,但是这些都是真实的想法。我真的被这个可以动的珍珠深深地打动了。不得不说,她很特别,很生动,很优雅。我看到她时仿佛看到了生命的活力,仿佛看到了扇贝孕育珍珠的过程。珍珠可以滚动,这不正是她在扇贝体内不断磨砺慢慢变大的过程嘛。沙砾在扇贝体内经过千万次的磨砺形成了美丽的珍珠,但是高贵的珍珠一旦被人们取走之后,低贱扇贝就一文不值了。设计师将“珍贵”和“低贱”结合在一起,重新让珍珠回到扇贝体内,让珍珠重新滚动起来,这才是生命本来应该有的样子~活力。扇贝就像珍珠的母亲一样,中国有句谚语,儿不嫌母丑,用在这里也挺好。也许不太合适,好吧…… 人们对钻石趋之若鹜,觉得那象征爱情。我当然也会买钻戒来送给未来的妻子,但是我觉得那就像是每天醒来需要睁开眼睛一样,没什么特别之处。固定在一个框架上的美丽石头哪有这可以滚动的珍珠美啊,我不确定我的女朋友会不会喜欢这有活力的珍珠,但我会把我看到这个珍珠时的心情和想法告诉她。为了带一件有意义的纪念品,我寻找了很久,如果能拥有这个珍珠,这将让我的荷兰之行变得更有意义。 我在荷兰访问了短短一年。因为新冠,我几乎没去过好玩的地方。我女朋友今年夏天来荷兰旅行的计划也搁浅了,挺遗憾的。圣诞节前我就要启程回中国了,希望这份能代表荷兰艺术家们智慧的礼物能给她一些慰藉,也弥补一下我心中的遗憾。”


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